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How We work

DP Car Spa is a team of professionals that works the best towards every Car and Bike of our customers.We provide SGS Certified and assured quality Nano-Ceramic Coating in Chennai. We are one of the best in Car and Bike Polishing and Detailing, Foam Wash, Car Under body Anti rust Coating, Car Silencer Coating and Car Sun film.

Aegis Features

Aegis is a premier brand that offers automotive protection products based on proprietary technology formulated in the USA.
These cutting-edge products are forged from the finest quality, designed after extensive research and fabricated to defend your vehicle. Instead of investing in expensive marketing deals, we firmly believe in delivering these exceptional products to you, at an inclusive price, so that you can experience the wonders of refined automotive products.



Graphene Coating

Give your top-end customers the results they expect with the leading GRAPHENE 10H & N1 – Ultra hard 10H ceramic coating.

Benefits involved


N1 smooth surfaces adhere less to weather contamination, keeping your coated surface looking great for a longer time. Smoother N1 surfaces has lesser friction coefficients last longer and minimize the need for maintenance works. N1 is also the world’s first nano coating with very high contact angle upon application, increasing the water repellency angle more than 120°.


Graphene 10H is super resistant to scratches and offers a permanent 10H ceramic barrier, with high-gloss and superb durability. The super hard coating forms a permanent covalent bond to paint, gel coat, metal, and wheels. Provide layer thickness more than 800 nanometers.

Garware PPF Coating

Garware PPF is specially formulated paint protection film consists of high performance Pressure sensitive adhesive, ultra clear TPU film and unique self healing coating to protect automotive paint surfaces, from harmful effects of stone chips and abrasion.

Benefits involved

Why Nano-Ceramic

Nano-Ceramic will provide the owner with a superior three dimensional clear coat that is by far harder than factory clear coating, resistant to chemical etching and with a protective and permanent hydrophobic surface that makes it easy to clean and gives you a stunning look.

Car Wrapping

Give your car a makeover and a new look with our car vinyl wrap films. Give your car a premium look and enhance its aesthetic appeal

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Our Recent Works

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